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4 Important Reasons to Have a Fireplace Screen

Your fireplace is a focal point in your home. It provides a decorative accent and provides a source of warmth and comfort. However, a fireplace can be dangerous without the right precautions. A fireplace screen is an essential part of protecting you, your family, and your home from the potential risks associated with burning wood or gas. Here are four important reasons why you should use a fireplace screen when using your fireplace.

What Is a Fireplace Screen?

When a fire burns, it produces sparks and embers that can be dangerous if they escape your fireplace. A fireplace screen serves as a barrier between these flying embers and the rest of your home, allowing you to safely enjoy a fire without risking injury or property damage. It is a metal or mesh barrier that sits in front of your open fire and keeps sparks, cinders and burning logs from flying out into the room. It can also help to reduce heat loss and lower the amount of smoke in the room.

The 4 Reasons to Use a Fireplace Screen

  • Reduce Fire Damage. When a fire burns, it produces sparks and embers. These tiny particles can be blown out from the fireplace into your home by a breeze that enters from the flue. Even a tiny ember can cause a fire if it lands on a flammable surface, resulting in serious damage. It would also be extremely dangerous. By creating a barrier between the fire and your home with a fireplace screen, you can reduce the risk of potential fire damage from these tiny sparks. You’ll also avoid any potential injuries that could occur from flying embers.
  • Protection for Children and Pets. As an adult, you know that it’s not a good idea to get too close to a burning fire. Unfortunately, children and pets may not understand the danger of the flames and can be tempted to get too close. By having a fireplace screen in place, you’ll be able to provide an extra layer of protection for your children and pets, helping to ensure their safety. The embers will not be able to escape and land on skin, clothing, or fur. Even with a fireplace screen, be sure to never leave young children or pets alone in a room with a burning fire. You don’t want them to be near the fire unsupervised, even with a screen in place.
  • Keep Glass Doors Safe. Many fireplaces are equipped with glass doors. These doors can become extremely hot when the fire is burning and can cause serious burns if touched. A fireplace screen will help to protect these doors from any flying embers that could land on them and cause them to shatter. This is especially important for households with small children or pets, who may be tempted to touch the glass.
  • Add Style and Flair to Your Hearth. Fireplace screens can be decorative as well as functional. Many screens come in a variety of attractive designs and can add some style to your fireplace. From classic black iron designs to contemporary wood frames, you can find the perfect fireplace screen to match your home’s decor. You can buy a fireplace screen new, or even check out local thrift stores for fashionable and unique designs. No matter what kind of fireplace screen you choose, be sure that your selection will serve its intended function. Carefully inspect the screen for any holes or tears that may allow sparks and embers to escape before purchasing.

Our Fireplace Services

At ChimneyTek, we understand the importance of using a fireplace screen to keep your family and home safe. We can help you choose the right screen for your specific needs and ensure it is properly installed in front of your fireplace. Our team of experienced professionals are here to make sure that you have all the safety measures in place so you can enjoy a cozy fire without worrying about any potential hazards. We also offer a wide array of chimney services, including:

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A fireplace screen is a critical part of any fireplace setup, as it helps to protect your home from the potential risks associated with burning wood or gas. Take the time to find the perfect fireplace screen for your home and you’ll be sure to enjoy many cozy fires safely. If you need chimney services or repair, don’t hesitate to contact ChimneyTek today for all your fireplace needs.