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We share a lot of serious information about fireplace safety. But once in a while, we like to share something just for the fun of it. That’s where the idea for this blog came up. Today, we want to share 20 things you might not know about chimneys and fireplaces.

Fireplaces have been a part of homes for centuries and there is a lot of history surrounding them.

20 Interesting Facts About Fireplaces And Chimneys

  1. The first recorded fireplace was in the home of Countess de Pernon in France. 
  2. The word “chimney” comes from the Latin word “caminus”, meaning “room heated by a fire”.
  3. The first chimneys were built in England in the early 12th century.
  4. By the 16th century, chimneys were common in most homes in England.
  5. Fireplaces and chimneys were not built in homes in the American colonies until the early 18th century.
  6. The first octagonal-shaped chimney was built in 1748.
  7. In the late 18th century, round Chimney Pots became popular in Europe and America.
  8. The first fireplace with a built-in grill was designed by Benjamin Franklin in 1744.
  9. In the 19th century, cast iron stoves were developed which could be used to heat multiple rooms. These were the predecessors to the woodburning stoves we use today.
  10. Fireplaces began to fall out of popularity in the early 20th century as central heating became more common.
  11. Many homes built in the mid-20th century did not have fireplaces.
  12. In the 1970s, there was a renewed interest in fireplaces and many homes were retrofitted with them.
  13. Fireplaces are now popular in both new construction and older homes.
  14. An estimated one million home fires are caused by chimneys and fireplaces each year.
  15. These fires result in an estimated $3 billion in property damage annually.
  16. Common causes of chimney and fireplace fires include creosote buildup, sparks from the fireplace, and faulty flues.
  17. Chimney fires can reach temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  18. A properly maintained fireplace and chimney can last for many years.
  19. Fireplaces add both beauty and value to a home.
  20. J.K. Rowling was not the first author to suggest fireplaces as a portal.  The mention of fireplaces as a portal was in a 15th book written by a scholar who suggested witches used fireplaces to travel to other places.

We hope you enjoyed these interesting facts about fireplaces and chimneys. If you have a fireplace in your home, be sure to have it inspected and cleaned regularly to prevent fires. Call us today to schedule your cleaning and inspection at (410) 796-8450