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Restore & Protect Your Masonry With Professional Tuckpointing

Brick and mortar have been used to construct the most beautiful and durable chimneys and fireplaces, for decades. But even well-built masonry chimneys and hearths can require repair over the years. The mortar joints that join the brick together are typically the first to show visible signs of stress. You may notice cracks, crumbling sections, holes, vegetation growth, discoloration, and other types of deterioration detracting from the attractiveness, strength, and structural integrity of your mortar. Whether the damage is caused by moisture, insects, settling, or time, prompt action is crucial – and the team at ChimneyTEK can help.


We’re Experienced & Guarantee Clean, Beautiful Results

Don’t trust your masonry repair work to someone lacking in experience and education – call on ChimneyTEK! We’re certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and have been performing expert masonry repairs throughout Maryland for more than 28 years. We specialize in tuckpointing, which is the removal of old, damaged mortar and the packing of new mortar in its place. Our team has the knowledge and experience needed to provide you with carefully, professionally matched mortar and clean, beautiful results – whether your chimney is old or new. We use the most trusted techniques and tools to get the job done and work to deliver strong, long-lasting results.

Prior to performing the needed tuckpointing work, we’ll carefully inspect your system and determine the cause of the damage. After all, there’s no point in performing repairs if the culprit has not been identified and the damage just continues to occur. If a chimney leak is responsible for your masonry damage, we’ll work to pinpoint where the water is making its way in and put an end to it. We can also apply a professional water repellent to your masonry to prevent damage once your fresh mortar is packed into place. Learn more about masonry waterproofing here.

Professional Masonry Care Is Just A Call Or Click Away

If your chimney or fireplace is looking worse and worse, give ChimneyTEK a call at 410-796-8450. We can repair and restore your system and help you keep it standing strong and looking great for years to come. Call or click for scheduling!

Keeping your chimney crown in good repair is a job for the folks with professional chimney and masonry repair experience, so give us a call!

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