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Dealing With A Chimney Leak? Let ChimneyTEK Help!

Chimney leaks can be devastating and stressful, not to mention costly – but ChimneyTEK can help. We work hard to prevent chimney leaks and to provide our neighbors in Ellicott City, Catonsville, Linthicum, Towson, and the surrounding communities with quick and effective leak resolution. Whether you’ve already begun to notice signs of a leak or you’re seeking out proactive ways to prevent water problems in your chimney, ChimneyTEK is the only company you need to call.

Don’t let a chimney leak go unresolved – let ChimneyTEK help! Call us at 410-796-8450 or click here to request an appointment with one of our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified professionals today!

There’s a reason our chimney and venting services include professional dryer vent cleaning – we are dedicated to helping keep you safe in your home. Ask us for more details on why this service is so important.


Leak Resolution and Prevention Services

We provide an array of leak resolution and prevention services, including flashing repair, chimney cap installation, masonry waterproofing, and crown repair. The flashing, the chimney cap, and the crown are all designed to protect the chimney system and reduce chimney leak chances, but unfortunately, these same components are oftentimes poorly installed, poorly maintained, or made of sub-par materials. Whatever is causing your system’s protective components to fail, we have the skills and expertise to offer you a swift and effective solution:

Flashing Repair

Part of leak prevention and resolution lies in making sure that the area where your chimney and roofline meet is properly sealed. This area should be protected with carefully and expertly installed sheets of metal, using as few nail holes as possible. Of course, not all flashing jobs are created equal, which is why flashing is responsible for a large majority of chimney leaks. Click here to learn more about flashing and the repair and installation services we offer.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps aren’t solely decorative – they also work to seal off the flue where it extends from the chimney stack, and prevent moisture, animals, and birds from entering. Whether your cap is rusted through, has come loose, or is missing altogether, we can properly install a new one that will keep water out. Learn more here.


One of the best ways to put an end to leaks and prevent them from springing up in the future is to have your masonry professionally waterproofed. Here at ChimneyTEK, we use ChimneySaver water repellents, which offer superior protection without altering the look of your masonry. Find out more here.

Crown Repair

The crown of the chimney is also oftentimes to blame when a chimney leak arises. This area works to seal off the chimney stack, but if it’s made of simple mortar, built too thin, or built with improper dimensions and slope, you can expect it to crack, crumble, and contribute to a chimney leak. Learn more about our crown repair work here.

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