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Baltimore’s Choice for Chimney Flashing

Need Your Chimney Flashing Repaired? Our Baltimore Professionals Are Here to Help

Rain can be a blessing for your garden or your lawn, but it’s never a blessing for your chimney. Chimney leaks can cost a pretty penny to repair, especially if extensive damage was done before the leak was detected. That’s why we encourage our neighbors throughout Maryland to be proactive about leak prevention. Being proactive means making sure your system is properly equipped to battle the everyday moisture challenges it faces.

Responsible homeowners understand that their chimney

What Is Chimney Flashing?

Flashing is a waterproof seal around where your chimney meets your roof, to protect both from moisture penetration. The flashing around chimneys is generally made up of two parts. The base flashing lies under the roof’s shingles, while the counter flashing is installed in the mortar joint of the chimney, in order to seal the top of the base flashing. Chimneys larger than 30” wide should also have saddle flashing to allow water and snow to run off.

There are different materials that are commonly used for flashing. Steel is a popular choice for its strength and resistance to corrosion. Aluminum and copper are also great rust-resistant options for rainy Baltimore. Copper is the more expensive option but looks beautiful on a roof. Vinyl and PVC are also budget options in warm climates, but with Baltimore’s weather, we recommend sticking to a more durable option.

What Causes Chimney Leaks?

If your chimney is leaking, there are a few possible causes. If it is a mild leak that only occurs in colder weather, it could simply be condensation. If you only notice the leak when it is not raining, this is the likely culprit.

Cracks in the masonry from age and temperature changes can cause slow leaks. Masonry chimneys are exposed to the elements on your roof, and cracks can form in the bricks, stones, cement cap, or the masonry joints between the stones. You will probably also notice damage or discoloration to the stones, and it may take a while after the rain for the water to seep through.

The most common cause of chimney leaks, though, is poorly installed or damaged chimney flashing. It takes skill to properly install flashing, which not all roofing companies have. Improperly installed flashing can let a lot of water into your home, causing expensive damage. You will most likely notice damage around the chimney, such as rotting wood or warped shingles on your roof, or stains on your ceiling around your chimney.

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 Is Your Flashing Properly Installed and in Good Condition?

When properly installed, a chimney flashing should last up to 30 years. Unfortunately, they are not always properly installed. Many inexperienced installers may use poor materials or leave raised areas or dents in the flashing, which can lead to pooling water and quick corrosion. Additionally, if several nail holes are created, water can quickly gather in these areas and seep in.

This is why it is so critical that your flashing is installed by an experienced professional. They understand how prone the area is to leaks, and will ensure that rain, snow, and sleet cannot penetrate. This will keep the chimney and roof seams dry and protected.

Why Choose ChimneyTek for Flashing Repair?

At ChimneyTek, our experienced technicians make sure your chimney roof flashing is installed correctly the first time. We carefully layer high-quality metal flashing and work diligently to ensure a smooth, water-tight, protective surface. When we’re finished, you can rest easy knowing that the joints where your chimney and roofline meet are protected and ready to take on the next big rain.

If your flashing was poorly installed or has undergone damage from tree branches, strong winds, rain, or animals, we also offer chimney flashing repair services. We understand the serious issues bad chimney flashing can cause and are dedicated to ensuring your home and your chimney are protected for years to come.

Whether you need a sheet or two replaced or a completely new installation, our Baltimore roofing technicians can help. Call us or click here to request an appointment to have your flashing repaired or replaced today!

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