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Chimney Sweeping in Baltimore, MD and Surrounding Areas

There are not too many better ways to spend an evening at home than cozied up next to a fire with a good book and the one you love. But with each fire you build in your fireplace, your chimney collects more soot and ash. The professional chimney sweepers at ChimneyTEK can sweep your chimney to ensure you can enjoy clean, safe fireside snuggles for years to come. We have been helping families and their homes remain clean and safe for more than a quarter-century. Our team proudly serves customers in Glen Burnie, MD, and throughout Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Howard Counties. Under Owner Vince DeCrisci ‘s expert guidance, our team can complete efficient, affordable chimney sweeps at your home. Call us today to learn more.

Understanding the Importance of Chimney Sweeping

As summer turns to fall, the temperatures begin to dip and the fireplace in your Glen Burnie, MD home becomes a prime attraction. You and your family can keep warm around it as you watch a movie, play a board game, or read a thrilling novel. This family gathering place may remain the norm throughout the winter. But each time you use the fireplace, your chimney accumulates smoke, water, and other particles that could create clogs. To ensure smoke from your fires can safely and efficiently leave your home, you need to enlist chimney sweeping services from a professional organization like ChimneyTEK. We have the experience and expertise to thoroughly clean your chimney and ultimately protect your home and family.

We Provide a Wide Range of Chimney Sweeping Services

ChimneyTEK provides all-encompassing chimney sweeping services. But we will clean much more than merely your chimney. To ensure fire safety, our chimney sweeping services include:

  • Gas fireplace cleaning
  • Pellet stove Chimney cleaning
  • Chimney repair and crown installation
  • Chimney cap installation

The Chimney Sweeping Process

The chimney sweeping process is no small task. Our technicians have undergone years of training to acquire the knowledge and ability to effectively sweep chimneys in Glen Burnie, MD, and the surrounding area. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee exceptional results. We will arrive at your home with:

  • Chimney cleaning tools
  • Drop cloths
  • Ladders
  • Lights
  • Vacuums

After evaluating your chimney to determine its condition, we will devise a plan to clean it quickly and effectively so that you can use it whenever there is a nip in the air. The process includes:

  • Sweeping the chimney from the bottom up, including the fireplace, pellet stove, or wood stove
  • Cleaning the chimney pipe connector
  • Cleaning the heating appliance thoroughly
  • Cleaning any glass, if necessary
  • Tidying up after ourselves

Our Team Offers a “No Mess” Guarantee

Among the many reasons, our loyal customers rely on our chimney sweeping services every year is our “No Mess” guarantee. Our use of drop cloths, foot protection, tarps, and professional-grade vacuum systems ensures that the mess inside your chimney does not affect your walls, flooring, or furniture. Because of the accumulation of dust, ash, creosote, and other particles, sweeping a chimney is not a do-it-yourself project. In addition to the painstaking effort it would take to complete your sweep, you would run the risk of dirtying your whole home. We promise to clean your chimney quickly and leave no evidence of our presence.

Why You Should Choose ChimneyTEK

We believe each of our customers deserves exceptional service. Our team members treat every chimney sweeping project as if they were cleaning their own chimney to protect family members and belongings. Each of our technicians is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and has completed training and education from the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). The age, size, or type of your chimney does not matter. We have more than two decades’ worth of experience cleaning all styles of chimneys, and we are confident you will be impressed with our work. We proudly serve our neighbors throughout Glen Burnie, Baltimore, Columbia, Towson, and beyond.

Contact ChimneyTEK for Chimney Sweeps in Glen Burnie, MD

Cuddling up next to a fire is one of life’s many pleasures. If you can do so in your own home to combat Jack Frost just outside your four walls, the satisfaction is even greater. But after a winter’s worth of fires, your chimney gets dirty. ChimneyTEK is a leading chimney sweep company serving homeowners in Glen Burnie, MD, and throughout Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Howard Counties. We recommend annual chimney sweepings, but we can also perform chimney inspections to evaluate the state of your chimney. We want to protect you and your family from the dangers of a clogged chimney, so contact us today to schedule a service


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