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We Can Restore Your Smoke Chamber With Chamber-Tech 2000

Your smoke chamber lies just above your fireplace, an upside-down funnel-shaped area that leads up into the flue. This area is designed to encourage smoke and combustion byproducts to enter the flue and exit the chimney swiftly so that creosote is not deposited along the walls of the smoke chamber and flue.

As you can imagine, this area sees a lot of heat and corrosive byproducts, which can lead to premature deterioration – especially if the smoke chamber is made of corbelled brick, as was popular for many years. Because of the corbel pattern, smoke and byproducts can actually be delayed in their exit, leading to creosote deposit and damage to the smoke chamber itself. The more creosote that settles and the more damage that is done, the less effective the smoke chamber will be and the more safety and efficiency issues you’ll have.

If the corbelled design of your smoke chamber is causing your system to be inefficient or to allow smoke to waft back into your home, or if holes and cracks in your smoke chamber are decreasing the safety and efficiency of your system, ChimneyTEK can help. We specialize in parging smoke chambers smooth and can restore your system to peak performance once more.

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Quality Products & Professional Results

Here at ChimneyTEK, we use Ahren’s Chamber-Tech 2000, which is a lightweight insulating refractory mortar that insulates and resurfaces smoke chambers. Our team has extensive experience repairing smoke chambers with Chamber-Tech 2000 and can provide you with a smooth, airtight smoke chamber surface that will encourage the flow of smoke and gas. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a better-insulated smoke chamber, so you won’t have to worry about the heat of the fire coming into contact with nearby combustibles.

Contact Us Today for Smoke Chamber Repair

If your smoke chamber is damaged or adding to your smoke and efficiency problems, give ChimneyTEK a call at 410-796-8450 or click here. Our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified professionals can take a look at your system and let you know if Chamber-Tech 2000 is the best and most cost-effective solution to your smoke chamber woes. Call or click today!

Worried about cracked or crumbling mortar? Worry no more – the team at ChimneyTEK is qualified to do the tuckpointing work needed to restore your masonry’s structural integrity. We’re known around these parts for our chimney and masonry repair services, so call now.

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