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While we often associate poor air quality with large metropolitan areas, air quality in your home is equally important, especially since that’s the place you likely spend the most time.

But a home’s indoor air quality isn’t something most people think about. In fact, a Consumer Reports article from June 2012, says “only 9 percent of Americans consider it a threat to their health, and 70 percent aren’t concerned about it at all.”

There are many sources that contribute to poor air quality in your home, many of which can be remedied to improve air quality, including:

  • Carbon monoxide and radon, two colorless and odorless gases that can be deadly. Conduct radon tests and install carbon monoxide alarms to measure the threat of these gases. If you find high levels of these gases in your home, consider radon reduction or have any fuel-burning appliance inspected for leaks.
  • Interior mold that grows in excessive humidity. You can clean mold in a well-ventilated room with chlorine bleach and water. Wear protective clothing when cleaning.
  • Air fresheners, which, while enticing with their enchanting smells, often contain volatile organic compounds and phthalates that are can cause cancer. To remedy, limit your use — or completely stop — using air fresheners.
  • Combustion particles caused by soot and gases released when a fire is burning in a fireplace. The No. 1 way to eradicate combustion particles and gases from fireplaces and chimneys is to have your chimney and fireplace cleaned annually.

While there are experts who can help with carbon monoxide, radon, and mold, and while you can eliminate air fresheners to improve air quality yourself, ChimneyTEK can help clean your fireplace and chimney to improve air quality in your home, removing the soot associated with poor indoor air quality.

ChimneyTEK is a professional chimney cleaning and repair company with the expertise and knowledge to help you breathe in better quality air.

Contact us today to learn more about our chimney sweep services in Baltimore, Columbia, Towson, Annapolis, Pasadena and beyond.