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Fireplaces don’t just create heat and a welcoming ambiance in your home. They also add value to your home as a popular design feature. In fact, the National Association of Homebuilders lists fireplaces as the second most popular feature home buyers look for when house hunting.

Is your fireplace is dated, damaged, or simply no longer matches your style? If so, it may be time for a fireplace makeover! Whether it is adding new fireplace accessories, switching fuel sources, or a complete rebuild or remodel, ChimneyTEK can makeover your old fireplace to meet your home’s style and heating needs.

Energy efficient inserts.

Not all fireplaces are created equal. Different kinds of heating appliances burn with different levels of energy efficiency. For homes with stoves and inserts more than 15 years old or homes with open-hearth masonry fireplaces, installing a new energy efficient insert can lead to significant savings each month.

Modern wood, pellet, and gas inserts are required to be certified by the EPA. This ensures these heating appliances will burn efficiently. In addition, also produce levels of smoke and particulate emissions that are within national standards. By installing a new insert, homeowners can both increase energy savings while reducing air pollution.

Installing a new insert also has the benefit of allowing you to change fuel sources. Converting from wood to gas doesn’t have to mean constructing an entirely new chimney system. Instead, an insert can often be easily installed into an existing hearth. Gas fireplaces have evolved and changed in recent years. This makes them more efficient and realistic than ever before!

Fireplace screens, doors, and accessories.

Giving your fireplace a facelift can sometimes be as easy as adding a few new accessories. Screens, heat refractors, and glass doors can all be used as a way to makeover the look of your fireplace without the need for major renovations.

Fireplace screens can serve both a decorative and practical purpose. They can serve as a beautiful addition to your home’s décor. Also, fireplace screens can also be used to protect your furnishings and floors from stray sparks and embers. Likewise, new glass doors can be used as a way to improve efficiency by creating more closed system combustion.

Fireplace rebuilds.

Has your fireplace or chimney has been damaged? A fireplace rebuild can be used as a way to preserve the structural integrity of the fireplace system. The kind of fireplace rebuild your system requires will depend on the condition of the chimney. A CSIA certified chimney sweep can help inspect your chimney. They will also develop a plan on how to repair the damage. In addition to improving structural stability, rebuilds can makeover the look of the interior fireplace by replacing the masonry or hearth inside your home.

Whether it’s a few new accessories or a complete rebuild, making over your fireplace can improve your fireplace. It also adds value to your home. For more information on fireplace makeovers, contact the experts at ChimneyTEK today!

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