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What better place to have a social gathering than around your fireplace? The fireplace, like the kitchen, seems to always be a place where people congregate. Whether it’s the holidays or dinner with friends the fireplace provides a relaxing setting.

Fireplaces are conversation starters. It can be an elegant design or a touch of modern flare, but a well-built fireplace gets people talking. They’re known and recognized for the relaxing ambiance they create.

A properly functioning fireplace can enhance social gatherings among loved ones, but it is very important to make sure your fireplace is maintained and properly functioning. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends an annual chimney cleaning and safety inspection to remove creosote buildup that will reduce the risk of chimney fires, water damage and prevent carbon monoxide leaks and chimney damage. Chimney fires occur in 36% of residential homes every year. By having an annual cleaning and safety inspection, you can ensure your home is safe to enjoy your fireplace year round.

We’ll inspect your fireplace and provide any repairs and provide you with maintenance tips. Call ChimneyTEK today: 410-796-8450!