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During the summer one of the biggest complaints we hear about is a smelly chimney. This smell at times can be so pungent that it filters throughout the home. With the hottest temperatures of the year arriving, you’ll want to close the windows and turn the air conditioner on, which only intensifies the smell. Using air fresheners may provide some relief, but it only masks the problem. To eliminate the issue turn to your chimney for the solution.

All chimneys have a minimal odor, but a properly working chimney takes air from the area and sends it through the flue to the outside. When a home is experiencing draft issues, the air is sucked back into the home, bringing with it the foul stench. The summer’s heat and humidity will also intensity the odor, making the smell more noticeable and bothersome for homeowners.

Luckily there are simple solutions to eliminate the smell. The easiest step is to hire a professional chimney sweep to perform an annual cleaning and safety inspection. During the process, the chimney sweep will remove excess creosote and debris allowing the odors to properly exit through the flue. This will also protect your home against a chimney fire.

If an annual cleaning and safety inspection does not fully resolve the problem, it could mean your home is experiencing negative air pressure. A quick solution is to close the damper anytime your chimney is not in use. Another solution is to install a glass fire screen. This helps trap the smell inside the chimney while helping eliminate the negative air pressure in your home.

Now is a great time to schedule an annual cleaning and safety inspection. As fall approaches, many chimney companies’ calendars fill up quickly and it’s harder to schedule an appointment that fits your timetable. All chimney cleanings and safety inspections should be performed by a certified chimney sweep, such as ChimneyTEK. We offer our customers thorough chimney cleaning services and inspections along with fireplace installation and repairs.

Contact us today to schedule your annual cleaning and safety inspection.