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Mold! Nobody wants it in their home. Not only is mold disgusting, but it can lead to health issues. If you’re looking for it, don’t forget to include one of the most common grow spots, inside the chimney. During summer, an increase of rain and high humidity make your chimney a breeding ground for mold. Without a proper chimney inspection the only sign of mold could be difficulty breathing, or feeling nauseated while in your home.

Here are tips on preventing mold growth in your chimney:

Why Does Mold Grow in the Chimney?

Mold can grow anywhere. As long as there is moisture you can count on mold to follow. Dark, damp spaces are breeding grounds, which makes the chimney a picture-perfect spot. If your chimney is not properly protected, water will enter through the flue, creating high moisture. Spores will grow rapidly grow and before you know it, there is a serious problem.

Who Should You Call if You Suspect Mold?

If you suspect mold is in your chimney, the first step is to contact a certified chimney sweep. During an inspection, a sweep will use today’s technology that allows for a clear picture of what is inside your chimney. After the inspection, a chimney sweep will give you a detailed report. If mold is present, a sweep will provide ways to remove it, and tips to make sure mold does not come back. If your chimney sweep is not equipped to remove mold, call a specialist.

How do You Prevent Chimney Mold in the Future?

Simply have your chimney inspected annually! Sweeps are now using cameras that stream to smart devices, providing clear images of issues that may be occurring. One way to prevent a reoccurrence is to install a quality chimney cap. This will prevent moisture from entering into the chimney and eliminate mold from growing. Waterproofing the chimney is another effective tool to stop the spread of spores. Schedule an annual chimney cleaning, and stay one step ahead of the mold, making sure it never enters your home, while keeping your family healthy.

If you notice a leak or have difficulty breathing in your home, contact ChimneyTEK. We will perform a thorough inspection and ensure that your chimney is functioning properly.

Contact us today to schedule your annual chimney cleaning.