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Dry and well-seasoned firewood is a key component to a safe, hot, and long-lasting fire.

Dry firewood is the fuel that helps your fire burn efficiently, providing the warmth that offsets your heating bill, whether you’re in Columbia, Annapolis, Baltimore or anywhere in between.

Allowing your firewood to thoroughly dry is important to the quality of your fire, and drying and storing your firewood should be more than an after-thought. For optimal burning, firewood should be dried for at least six months.

After collecting your firewood, follow the guidelines below to ensure your firewood is ready to burn safe and efficiently.

  • Make sure your firewood is stored in a space that gets sufficient air flow and sunlight to help dry the wood.
  • Store your firewood on an old pallet, gravel or tarp to keep moisture from the ground from seeping into the wood. Also, stack your firewood no higher than 4 feet. High wood piles create safety hazards, and can topple over.
  • Keep the firewood covered. Ideally, store the wood in a garage or shed that gets adequate air flow and sunlight. If storing outside is your only option, cover the wood pile with a tarp to keep it dry.
  • Lastly, if storing outside, use a pesticide to exterminate bugs and keep them from burrowing in the wood pile.

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