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No heating appliance can match the elegance and ambiance of a wood burning, open-hearth fireplace. Unfortunately, these fireplaces are also extremely inefficient! In fact, it leaves many homeowners frustrated at the lack of heat they create.

Until now, homeowners have had to choose between fireplace form or function. Ahren Fire fireplace systems, however, offer an alternative; these masonry fireplaces put out heat similar to a wood stove. However, they do this without compromising on the look and feel of an open hearth!

Inefficient Open Hearth Fireplaces

Open hearth fireplaces continue to be one of the most popular heating appliances year after year. Having said this, many homeowners are fed up with their inefficiency. In fact, many older open heart fireplaces burn with as little as 5-10 percent efficiency; no matter how much wood you use or how long it burns, the majority of heat is lost up the chimney.

In addition to being inefficient, some masonry fireplaces may be unsafe – or even unusable – as they age. Some examples of serious performance problems are:

  • Blowing smoke back into the room.
  • The temperature in the room going down when the fireplace is in use.
  • The walls surrounding the fireplace getting hot during use.

Rejuvenate Your Fireplace with Ahren Fire!

Even open hearth fireplaces experiencing performance and safety problems can be remodeled using Ahren Fire fireplace systems. These prefabricated systems can correct design problems, improve safety and efficiency. In addition, meeting building codes and standards, and allowing you to enjoy your masonry fireplace again!

Ahren Fire systems are installed directly into the existing hearth of your current fireplace; installation can help bring older fireplaces up to code. This is as long as there are 4 inches of solid masonry on the floor and walls. They are the only fireplace restoration product to meet or exceed the Underwriters Laboratory, or UL, safety testing criteria for zero clearance fireplaces.

Benefits Of Ahren Fire Fireplace Systems

If you have an inefficient open fireplace, there are a number of benefits to installing an Ahren Fire fireplace system into your existing hearth:

  1. Improve performance.
    Ahren Fire systems improve fireplace performance and efficiency. The refectory materials radiate more heat home, while the pre-engineered systems eliminate smoky fireplaces by solving common draft issues. They can also save money by requiring less wood to be burned, burning with the complete combustion, and creating less ash.
  2. Improve safety.
    As the only UL Tested and Listed zero clearance combustible fireplace, Ahren Fire systems are a safer alternative to an open-hearth fireplace. Likewise, installation can be used as a way to bring older fireplaces up to current building codes.
  3. Improve design.
    In addition to being safe and efficient, Ahren Fire fireplace systems are also durable and attractive. The realistic brick pattern and reinforced refractory material will last for years to come; installation of the new hearth will also not affect the existing fireplace face, allowing you to keep your fireplace’s original charm.

Trust ChimneyTEK to install your new Ahren Fire fireplace system!

You no longer have to compromise between the feel of an open fire and the heat production of a wood stove! At ChimneyTEK, our highly trained and experienced professionals can help you select and install the Ahren Fire fireplace system of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more about these state of the art fireplace systems and how they can improve the efficiency of your existing fireplace.
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