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The modern outdoor fireplace in outside of house at MarylandOutdoor fireplaces can provide years of enjoyment. They are festive, romantic, and add immeasurably to outdoor living. They are a big investment, however, so it’s important to think through exactly what you want. Here are some key considerations to help you create the perfect arrangement that meets your unique needs.

What will you use it for?

The first consideration is how you intend to use the outdoor fireplace. A larger setup can be perfect for outdoor entertaining, but a smaller arrangement is more romantic. A large outdoor fireplace generates more heat and can be ideal for big get-togethers. However, if you simply want a private place where you can relax in the evening, you may wish to go with a smaller, more intimate setup.

An outdoor fireplace can also be part of an outdoor kitchen by including a pizza oven to cook all kinds of delicious food.

What type of fuel suits you best? 

The second major consideration when installing a new outdoor fireplace is which type of fuel to use. Typically, homeowners choose between gas or wood-burning options. 

Wood-burning fireplaces create an ambiance that can’t be surpassed. For many, the smell, sound, and overall sensory experience of a wood-burning fireplace make it the only choice. 

However, wood-burning fireplaces require storing and seasoning the wood. Some homeowners find this aggravating and messy. You also need to know how to build and maintain a fire. Finally, you must purchase the right type of screen to prevent family members or guests being struck by flying embers.

Gas-burning fireplaces require almost no maintenance. Simply flip the switch and you have an instant fire. There is no need to wait until the fire burns down to go to bed. Gas-burning fireplaces are exceptionally easy to manage.

Where should you place it? 

The question of where to locate your outdoor fireplace also revolves around function. For example, if you are installing the fireplace to throw large outdoor gatherings, you’ll want plenty of seating when the evenings get cold.

You also want to consider landscaping when installing an outdoor fireplace. Make sure to keep the fireplace away from areas that can have strong breezes. Otherwise, smoke may blow in your guests’ faces and ruin the evening.

How will an outdoor fireplace impact the value of my home?

Some homeowners worry that installing an outdoor fireplace will hurt the value of their home. The truth is a fireplace is much more likely to increase your home’s value as these amenities have been growing in popularity for years. Many home buyers are willing to pay more for a property with a charming outdoor fireplace. It is a terrific investment.

If you are considering installing an outdoor fireplace, ChimneyTEK would be happy to help talk through these key considerations and more.