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Become the envy of your friends and family by giving your outdated fireplace a new look with a simple DIY project. Painting your fireplace’s bricks is a modest project, and can give your fireplace a modern feel without the high cost of a remodel. This project is also great for someone selling their home. Fireplaces are becoming a must have when purchasing a house, and if yours is lacking flare, a simple update can give that wow factor to a potential home buyer.

If you are willing to take on this task, here are a few items to consider:

Make sure the fireplace bricks are in good condition

Inspect the quality of the bricks. If the bricks are cracked, deteriorating or molding, do not proceed with this project. By adding paint, it can intensify any underlining issue by sealing in moisture. In addition the paint will become extremely difficult to remove requiring a special formulated chemical.

Prepping the Area

As any good DIYer knows, before beginning a project preparation is required. Give your fireplace a thorough cleaning. Washing the bricks removes any dirt or leftover residue that will cause paint not to stick. If you notice efflorescence, a white residue caused by water-soluble salt buildup, use a stiff brush to scrub this build up away. Allow at least 24 hours for the bricks to dry, which will eliminate any moisture.

Best Paint to Use on Brick

Mortar surrounding your bricks often contains a basic alkalinity. Make sure to use a primer that is alkaline resistant. The top layer of paint requires a breathable high quality latex paint. You may need to apply two or three coats for complete coverage. Remember to let paint dry before any fireplace use. Stay away from the trendy colors. The best colors will always be neutral. It will eliminate the need to repaint once the trend is over, as well as appeal to home buyers, if you decide to sell.

For home owners looking to have a more extensive fireplace renovation, contact ChimneyTEK whose experienced staff can help. We will sit down and walk you through the renovation process that best suits your needs.

Contact ChimneyTEK today for more information or to schedule an appointment.