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As the weather starts to cool, we know you are just itching to sit by a toasty fire with a nice glass of wine and enjoy the evening. But sometimes, the prospect can seem too daunting. Creating a perfect fire may seem like too much work.  

In this article, we will share our favorite do’s and don’ts of starting a roaring fire you can enjoy on a cold fall evening. 

The Do’s & Don’ts For The Perfect Fire

Do Clean Your Chimney Before The Season Starts

If you really want to have a great fire, it’s important to have your chimney swept and inspected before the first fire of the season. Start with a clean fireplace. Soot and ash build-up can make it difficult for your fire to get oxygen, which is essential for combustion.

Do Use The Right Wood

To create a perfect fire, you have to start with dry, seasoned wood. Green wood or wet wood is difficult to light and will produce a lot of smoke.

Do Start With A Teepee

The way you stack the wood matters.  Start by creating a teepee out of your logs. To do this, start with smaller kindling in the center and build up to larger logs.  This will help ensure that your fire burns evenly.  

Cold air is heavier than hot air, so we must reverse the flow in the chimney. You can do this by lighting a piece of paper and holding it in the fireplace to make sure the smoke goes up. It might take two pieces of paper. Be careful not to burn your hand. Make sure the damper is open before you do anything. 

Do Use A Fire Starter

Too many people think a fire starter is cheating.  Unfortunately, this means they look for other sources of fuel that are not safe to be burned in a fireplace.  We encourage you to use a fire starter. You can find these at most hardware stores. They will help you get your fire going quickly and easily.

Don’t Use Accelerants

We know it’s tempting to use lighter fluid or gasoline, but we cannot stress strongly enough how much you should not do this. Using accelerants can be dangerous and can give your fire and in turn, your home, an unpleasant smell.

Don’t Use Paper

Above we strongly suggested that you use a FireStarter to get your fire going.  But many people are tempted to use paper instead. Most paper, but especially paper like wrapping paper should not be burned in your fireplace.  These can cause a build-up of creosote inside your chimney which can be dangerous for your health and your home’s safety.

Don’t Leave Your Fire Unattended

Even though you have a fireplace grate, you should never leave your fire unattended.  If you must go to bed before the fire has completely burned out, read our blog on how to put your fire out completely.

Now that you know the do’s and don’ts of building a perfect fire, grab a glass of wine and enjoy the evening!

If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about chimneys, fireplaces, and keeping your home safe you can read more here.

As always, if you have any questions or need help with your fireplace or chimney, please don’t hesitate to call ChimneyTek at (410) 796-8450.