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If your heating bills seem to be getting higher and higher each winter, don’t just blame rising fuel costs. Your fireplace may be to blame! Installing a high-efficiency wood stove or pellet insert can help reduce heating bills. Plus, it provides you with safe, easy to use, and efficient heat.

Inefficient wood heat:

Open hearth wood fireplaces are a popular home feature. However, they are also extremely inefficient. When in use, as much as 90% of the heat produced goes up the chimney instead of back into your home. Thus, making them virtually useless as a heating appliance. Likewise, even when not in use, they can waste energy. This happens as conditioned air goes up the chimney and hot or cold outside air flows in. Consequently, this can increase energy bills all year long.

The benefits of a stove or insert:

Installing a stove or insert, especially into an existing open-hearth fireplace, can significantly improve efficiency and reduce heating and cooling bills.

  • Wood stoves: Wood stoves aren’t just for rustic homes or rural cabins. Modern stoves come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit into every home. Because of their heat output, wood stoves can also be used as a primary or supplementary heating source during the winter. This is especially useful in homes utilizing zone heating as a way to reduce energy costs.
    Wood stoves are also better for the environment. These heating appliances are regulated by the EPA and held to strict emission standards. This helps ensure that less smoke, gas, and particulate emissions are released into the atmosphere when they are used.
  • Pellet stoves: Pellets are a unique fuel source that offer efficient, low cost, and environmentally friendly heat. This fuel is created by compressing sawdust, wood chips, and other wood scraps or pieces that are often otherwise discarded. Pellets burn efficiently and more completely than wood logs. All the while, they’re still giving homeowners the aroma and burn associated with wood.
    Pellet stoves are incredibly efficient while using very little electricity to operate the self-feeding hoppers. This allows the fire to burn as long as you keep the hopper filled. It eliminates the need for stoking, tending, or frequently feeding the fire. Just like wood stoves, pellet stoves and inserts can also be used as a supplementary or primary heating source in your home.

A new stove can save you money!

In addition to being environmentally friendly and creating efficient heat, a new wood burning or pellet stove can help save you money each month. While heating oil, natural gas, and electricity costs continue to rise, wood and pellet prices have remained even – and low. Using these fuel sources in your fireplace can reduce the costs associated with operating a fireplace. Likewise, when used as a supplementary heating source, stoves can also save money on your electricity bill each month. This will allow you to lower your thermostat settings.

Wood or pellet stoves are one of the few heating appliances that can help you save money on your electricity bills each month. To start saving this winter, contact the staff at ChimneyTEK today!

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