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Chimney Sweeps in Glen Burnie, MD

25 Years of Experience Servicing Chimneys

ChimneyTek is your trusted resource for all things chimney. For over 26  years, we have delivered unparalleled service to our customers. We want you to have the best fireplace you can, but it takes a little work on your end. We can help with that. We offer chimney inspections and chimney sweeps to Glen Burnie, MD residents. Staying on top of these tasks will go a long way toward ensuring your chimney doesn’t develop a leaking problem. But what if your chimney leaks? There could be numerous reasons. We’ll run through them, and you can give us a call so we can fix the problem.

Chimneys Are Complex; A Chimney Sweep Can Help

Chimneys are great to have around the house. In our opinion, nothing beats a warm and toasty fireplace on a cold winter evening. You can curl up on the couch and read a book or enjoy a movie – all next to a crackling and roaring fire. But homeowners who have fireplaces do have responsibilities. Because they are exposed to the elements, leaks are a fact of life. If your fireplace leaks, the problem could be caused by several of the following problems. A chimney sweep is the best way to tell what is causing the problem.

The Most Likely Explanation: No Chimney Cap

Usually, the simplest explanation is the most likely one. When you do not have a chimney cap, you allow direct weather access to your fireplace. Rain and snow will fall directly down the chimney – leading to leaks. Also, chimneys without caps are susceptible to birds, animals, and debris. The solution is simple! Invest in a chimney cap from ChimneyTek. They cover the top of your chimney, but they have a mesh-like surface on the sides, which allows smoke to exit the chimney. They will keep rain from entering, animals from living there, and improve your chimney’s lifespan.

Chimney Crown Cracks Are A Probable Cause

Chimney crowns can develop cracks – leading to leaking problems. The crown is the cement part on top of the chimney. The brick lining goes around the tile flue, but you need something at the top that keeps weather elements from entering the chimney. That’s the chimney crown. Multiple things can cause cracks, such as structure shifting. Fortunately, ChimneyTek offers chimney crown repairs. How much it costs and how much time we spend on repairs will depend largely on the severity of the damage. Auto Injury Treatment Centers lot of the time, we will remove and relay the masonry. Band-aid solutions will not work.

Don’t Rule Out Condensation From The Inside

Sometimes, finding the source of a chimney leak can be a frustrating experience because the cause can be invisible to the naked eye. If the cap or crown is not to blame, there could be an issue inside the chimney itself – particularly with condensation. If your brick chimney is not lined on the inside, then condensation can form. The easiest solution, in this case, is to contact ChimneyTek. We can line the inside of the chimney and stop the problem in its tracks.

Keep An Eye Out Chimney Flashing Leaks

Flashing is what prevents water from entering the spot where the brick chimney meets the roof. Usually, there is a gap in this spot – by design. So, it is imperative to keep it sealed. Unfortunately, this isn’t a problem easily diagnosable by homeowners. The best solution is to hire ChimneyTek for a chimney sweep. We will inspect all aspects of your chimney, and if the flashing is the cause of the leak, we will re-seal it.

Leaking Bricks Are Another Common Cause of Leaks

Bricks and mortar are porous surfaces – meaning they allow moisture to pass through them. In rainy seasons, there is quite a bit of water that enters the bricks and chimney. That’s why it is essential to waterproof your chimney. If you have never had this done and you have a leak, there is a strong possibility the lack of waterproofing is the cause. Fortunately, we provide chimney waterproofing as part of our comprehensive services.

We Can Replace Damaged Top Pans

The top pan sits (called the chase top) on top of your chimney chase. They play an invaluable role in your chimney, but they are not especially durable, meaning they can degrade over time. As with all of the other causes of chimney leaking, it is best to contact ChimneyTek for an inspection or sweep. You won’t be able to tell whether there is a problem from the ground, and we do not recommend venturing onto the roof to investigate the problem yourself. Only an expert will know whether the top pan needs to be replaced definitively.

Contact ChimneyTek Today

ChimneyTek is a leader in our field. We have spent the past 26 years honing our practices, so we can deliver top-level customer support to our clients. We want you to enjoy your chimney, and a leak is one of the worst things to experience with your chimney. Fortunately, there are easy solutions to every cause of leaking chimneys. All you have to do is contact ChimneyTek today.