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As the temperatures outside continue to rise, now is the time for deep spring cleaning. But while so many homeowners thoroughly clean their homes inside and out, so many often forget about the chimney they’ve used so often in the recent winter months.

But neglecting your chimney in your spring cleaning regiment might be a big mistake. Here’s why:

  • A cleaning of your chimney by a chimney cleaning company like ChimneyTEK can identify any deterioration of your metal chimney liner. Moisture from melting snow and rain can seep into your chimney creating rust on your chimney liner. Over time, this rust can completely corrode the liner and cause problems, like letting hazardous gases vent into your home.
  • An inspection can reveal any other issues with your chimney that you’ll want to be fixed now, instead of waiting until you want to use your fireplace. Because chimneys are exposed to cold weather outside and intense heat inside, the chimney can deteriorate. In addition to the extreme temperature difference outside and inside the chimney, the freeze-thaw cycle can cause cracks. You’ll want to fix those before it’s too late.
  • A thorough cleaning by a professional chimney sweep services company will remove any dangerous creosote — the tar-like substance that adheres to the inside of your chimney and can catch fire in intense heat. Additionally, creosote can cause an unpleasant odor during the summer months that can spread throughout your home.

Whether you live in Columbia, Timonium, Towson or Annapolis, ChimneyTEK can help alleviate any of these issues by inspecting and cleaning your chimney and recommending any necessary repairs.

Now is the time to clean your chimney. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.