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Manufactured, factory built, or prefabricated fireplaces are increasingly popular in many homes! That’s why we recommend all homes with manufactured chimneys use a chimney chase cover to protect your chimney system against animals, debris, and the elements.

What is a chase cover?

While masonry fireplaces need chimney caps, manufactured fireplaces need chase covers. Sitting on top of the flue and extending over the sides of the chimney chase, chimney chase cover protect the fireplace and chimney from damaging moisture, debris, or animals.

Chimney chase covers are typically made of metals such as aluminum, copper, or stainless steel. By extending over the sides of the chimney chase, moisture from rain, ice, and snow is directed away from the flue and chimney and safely onto the roof.

Why are chase covers important?

Chase covers are an extremely important part of a manufactured chimney system. Without a chase cover, the flue and chimney are directly exposed to the elements. This can allow animals and debris in, as well as cause moisture damage throughout the chimney system!

Water can be particularly damaging to the metal components of manufactured chimneys. Repeated exposure to moisture can cause rust to form, particularly on delicate interior fireplace parts. Likewise, moisture can also lead to mold and mildew growth in the chimney.

Chase covers also protect against animal and debris entry. Foreign objects or animals in the flue can cause dangerous blockages, damage, and odors. Animal entry is particularly dangerous; many small animals including squirrels, roof rats, and birds can become trapped in the flue. This causes severe odors and exposes your family to bacteria!

Is your chase cover damaged?

Manufactured chimneys have a shorter lifespan than their masonry counterparts. Components need to be repaired or replaced more frequently. Regular maintenance can keep your chimney system burning safely and efficiently. However, strong winds, overexposure to the elements, or incorrect installation can all cause chase cover damage.

One of the most common signs of chase cover damage? The presence of rust on the side of the chimney chase. Dark red, brown, or black stains on the side of the chimney chase may indicate the chase cover has been damaged by moisture. The presence of water in the fireplace is another common sign the chase cover has been damaged.

We make chimney protection easy!

Chimney maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated. At ChimneyTEK, our CSIA certified technicians have more than 20 years experience measuring, fitting, and installing chimney chase covers. Our technicians begin by measuring the chimney chase in order to find a chase cover that fits perfectly. With a wide variety of sizes and styles available, we can find and install the perfect chase cover for your home.

Interested in installing a new manufactured chimney or need your existing chimney chase replaced? The experts at ChimneyTEK can help you find the perfect chase cover for your home. Contact us today for more information about chimney chase cover sales and installation!

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