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Buying and selling a home can be a stressful process for everyone involved. Scheduling appraisals, working with lenders, and a seemingly never-ending stream of paperwork can keep you busy! Not to mention, it can be hard to keep track of everything.

Most buyers and sellers rely on a home inspection to determine the condition of a home before the sale is finalized. However, many home inspectors lack the experience of qualifications to thoroughly inspect a chimney. Due to this, it is recommended to have an additional chimney inspection before buying or selling a home.

Level 2 Chimney Inspections

Level 2 chimney inspections involve the use of chimney scanning technology, including closed-circuit cameras. In this type of chimney inspection, the chimney sweep is able to more comprehensively evaluate the flue. How? They do this by viewing otherwise inaccessible portions of the flue. Level 2 chimney inspections are typically recommended anytime there are changes made to the fireplace system. This includes changing fuel sources or installing a new insert. Level 2 inspections are also recommended – if not required – when buying or selling a home.

Benefits for Buyers

Buying a home is a major investment! Having a Level 2 chimney inspection is one way to protect that investment. It does this by making sure the fireplace system is safe to use and in good condition.

Once under contract, buyers can request having a Level 2 chimney inspection. This is even when the homeowners included the report from a chimney sweep in their disclosures. Buyers under contract can still request a second, independent inspection, in addition to the home inspection. Doing this ensures that there are no hidden chimney problems that were not previously disclosed or discovered.

Have you recently bought a home and did not have a chimney inspection done? If so, it is recommended to have one done before using your fireplace for the first time! This is especially important if the home was unoccupied for a long period of time or if the fireplace was not frequently used.

Benefits for Sellers

It is recommended that sellers have their chimneys swept and inspected before putting their homes on the market. Doing this ensures the fireplace is clean and in good condition for any showings. It also provides potential buyers with information about the condition of the system. Having an inspection done before listing a home also gives sellers the chance to repair any damage that is found, before the house is put on the market.

Some states require sellers to have a Level 2 chimney inspection done before a home is sold. Even if it is not required, this type of inspection can protect both buyers and sellers in the event previously-undetected chimney damage.

Make buying or selling a home a little less stressful by having a Level 2 chimney inspection by a certified chimney sweep. For more information on real estate chimney inspections or to schedule an inspection for your home, contact ChimneyTEK today!

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