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Virtual Chimney Assessments for Baltimore Homeowners

Owning a fireplace is has its advantages, but maintenance is a responsibility you can’t ignore. Debris, soot, and even critters can clog your chimney. The only way to ensure your chimney is safe to use is a thorough assessment. We are now offering virtual chimney assessment that provide you with the services they require without our team venturing to your property. ChimneyTek has the experience needed to complete thorough virtual chimney services. We’re certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and each member of our team trains continuously through the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). If you live in Baltimore and require a chimney assessment, then give us a call today.

Your Role in Virtual Chimney Assessments

Virtual chimney assessment require some action on your part. We must gain a complete portrait of the state of your chimney. Doing so allows us to certify your chimney safe or recommend needed repairs or maintenance. All you need is your camera. We’ll ask you to photograph the:

  • Chimney: Go out to your yard and take a photograph of the chimney. Be sure to include the entire structure from top to bottom in the photo.
  • Top of the Chimney: Please do not venture onto your roof. All you need to do is get closer to your house and zoom in on your phone. We need to see this portion of the chimney in detail.
  • Fireplace: Stand as far back as possible. Remove any furniture or items that might block our view of the fireplace before you snap the photograph.
  • Inside of the Fireplace: Take a photo of the inside of your fireplace. Make sure to include every inch of the interior surface when you do.
  • Flue: Turn the flash on and point the camera directly up the flue. Make sure to capture all four walls and to the top.

What Comes Next in a Virtual Chimney Assessment

ChimneyTek might also ask you to inspect some elements of your fireplace and chimney. For instance, we might ask if there are apparent issues with your fireplace system, such as sloping stones or degrading bricks. Some assessments will require photographs of your water heater, furnace, and connector pipes if they vent through the chimney. We make sure to ask whether this is the case during our conversations with you. Once we assess your photographs, we can provide you with the results of our assessment. Some chimneys are ready to go. In some cases, we recommend chimney cleaning or repair services, both of which we offer. No matter what, you can rely on us to provide an accurate roadmap based on the virtual chimney assessment.

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