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Electric fireplace inserts are a great way to keep the look and feel of a fire without the hassle and work of a traditional fireplace. At the flip of a switch, you can turn on the fire, providing warmth in a clean, cost-efficient, safe and beautiful fire.

Electric fireplace inserts are designed for your existing fireplace space, including a brick- or steel-lined hearth. And set-up is easy: Simply plug in the unit into a standard 120-volt outlet. Many electric fireplace inserts can operate with or without providing heat, which allows for year-round decor.

Additional benefits of electric fireplace inserts include,

  • Having a wide range of designs and finishes to fit any homes existing style, from classic to contemporary.
  • Being low maintenance and requiring very little upkeep: the minimal upkeep needed for the electric fireplace insert includes occasional dusting and cleaning of the glass front.
  • Having low operating costs: electric fireplace inserts are extremely energy efficient and operate on mere pennies a day.
  • Being eco-friendly: these fireplace inserts produce no harmful pollutants and do not consume any fossil fuels.
  • Being safe: electric fireplace inserts typically remain cool to the touch, despite the fire, and many models offer overheat protection for added safety.

Because of these benefits, and the beautiful options available, many homeowners in Baltimore, Timonium, Columbia and Towson are considering electric fireplace inserts.

At ChimneyTEK, a chimney cleaning and chimney repair company, we can install electric fireplace inserts in your home. For more information about this option, or to inquire about our chimney sweep services, contact us today.