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A wood burning stove is a beautiful addition to any home, and the warmth provided can offset your heating costs making them an efficient option for comfort.

While there are a great number of accessories available for wood burning stoves, we’ve identified the must-haves — the tools you need to get the most out of your wood stove, keep it looking new and staying safe all-the-while.

  • Cleaning tools: A hearth tool set that includes a shovel and brush will help you adequately clean your wood stove, keeping it beautiful for years to come. Also, consider an ash holder that will minimize trips to dump out ashes.
  • Heat reclaimers help distribute more heat by recapturing heat from the chimney and forcing it into the living space. This can help further reduce your home’s heating costs and increase the efficiency of the wood stove.
  • Like the heat reclaimers, fans — which most wood stoves do not include — can help distribute heat from your wood stove throughout the room or house. Wood stove fans have become highly efficient, and some work without electricity.
  • Stove gloves are specifically designed for wood stoves and will keep you safe. Not only are stove gloves made with heat- and fire-resistant materials, but they are long enough to cover your arms. Stove gloves are designed to keep you safe despite the intense heat of your fire.
  • Thermometers that attach to the stovepipe or stove top can alert you to overheating or the threat of creosote build-up in lower temperatures.

While these accessories are functional, designed to increase efficiencies and keep you safe, there are a number of other accessories you can consider, including log holders, fire starters, cooking accessories and more.

All of these accessories can help you thoroughly enjoy your wood stove. For more information about wood stoves, accessories, or our chimney cleaning services for the Baltimore, Timonium, Annapolis or Towson area, contact us today.